Sunday, March 21, 2010

in the arms of 0's and 1's...

well...what else to say...the record is done.
the songs have names and hopefully new homes soon enough...
everything is in order.
and so begins the processes of getting these wobbly little waves into your heads with a most decent and careful force.
it won't hurt a bit. but IT should hurt a bit. its quite beautiful we should make you FEEL. forget making you think...thats boring.....there is enough in life to occupy your brain, we want to occupy your soul. its much more rewarding. we have carefully designed a small voyage to do will hear the first taste VERY soon...dare i be so bold as to say: BEFORE THE SUN RISES NEXT SUNDAY!.....yes. i dare. we want to show you something first, thats a bit fun and dirty yet sad...quite sad....however, it think its safe to say...its not exactly an appetizer that will prepare your palette for the main course.
think of it entree of warm fresh olives...for a sashimi dinner.
speaking of eating. i have a forks but no pie. ive tasted the main was yum. but now its time for pie.

we will all be in a room together soon..and it will be loud.
lots of love.

Jeremy Strawcycle.
ps. i thought id show you one of my little views...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

the final destination...

meat pies: check
schweizernot: check
big ben: check
a large apple: check
stereotypes of well known cities/places: check!!

i sit now in a very colourful lounge area of a very colourful studio in new york city called electric ladyland...we have in fact begun mixing the record for the next few weeks. tell you what tho, here's a tip when you are making a record of sweet soulful tunes yourself. when it comes time to mixing....try not to have your bandmates/producers/all round personnel spread out over 4 completely different countries...hah. what the hell were we thinking!?
well it doesnt really matter, as the job is getting done... the weather is like summer...yeah thats right its about 4 degrees...which, after spending the better part of the last couple of months in freezing cold sweden, basically feels like a fucking hot summer! yes!
the gentleman who is mixing the record is quite good ;)
the gentleman who recorded the record, still lives deep in my heart, i love you boobalooo. just think of this as like...i dont know...driving another car to work! you're still number one! haha
only one week ago we got to listen to the record for the first time in its be still not sure what to make of it! its quite magical and really will be quite a personal ride for the ear of the listener. after writing and working on something nearly everyday for quite close to a year now...its really bizarre to sit back and actually hear it for the first time.
i feel we have covered alot of ground...everything from acoustic/electronic blippy orchestra rainbows to rocking japanese water garden pond styled gospel anthems to absolutely raw and harrowing sounds of our lost sailor drowning at sea on a boat with a solo violin for comfort....mmm comfort.
there is not much else to say other than this whole process so far has been long... and having removed ourselves from the real world to create this new body of work i hope it will take you away to where we needed to go to make it.
speak soon. for now....its back into the room with lots of buttons to listen....again and again.
will follow with more stories when they re-appear in the fried brain...
yours in a cup o' joe...
hector cornbiscuit. nerds of pokemon.

Monday, February 15, 2010

a series of narrow misses and near fails...

well, we are back in beloved gothenburg after a weekend in london...which almost didn't happen!
but lets look back a little before that...we have had some visitors in the form of our beloved manager and a great photographer friend who is spending alot of time with us over the next year...
its pretty much the general consensus that Soup n' Bagel down the road does our local bar, which is, infact a pizza shop hosted by a lovely man named Jones.
JP got taken away by the police for allegedly stealing blueberries from the shop..he says he's innocent...but im not sold!
Scott lost his mind again, more frozen river walking occured,and john cusack has ruled the movie room!

after cancelled flights and then buying new ones, airlines refusing to take our baggage...then agreeing, the uk border nearly not letting us in, the above airline, then losing most of our luggage...then finding most of it (but not all), 13 hours of transit, we finally landed in london, albeit held together by a shoestring! we got to see a couple of our awesome crew heroes who joined us!!
we nearly missed out on our soundcheck...but narrowly scraped one in...which was lucky as we were about four new songs which we hadn't played live before that night...
we had a killer first show in london, which was followed by some serious partying, a day long photo shoot and then one of those highlight moments in your life you will never forget:
recording strings -
we spent saturday night in a beautiful studio in london with the wonderful audrey riley...for the uninitiated...audrey is responsible for writing and arranging strings for everything from Smashing Pumpkins - Tonight, The Nick Coldplays Rush of blood to the most of the Muse records...audrey worked with us on three songs which, if you can imagine...has sent those songs into the stratosphere...such a pleasure sharing time and working on our art with a very cool and eccentric woman with a knack for speaking in various voices! haha
hearing a little orchestra in a big beautiful room playing together is literally spine chilling....i think we all agree on one was a very heavy moment...hopefully it'll make you cry! i know i did! haha

we are now into the fun part of the record...all the vocals and adding all the herbs and spices and little dashes of plankton...Randy Plankton i call him...
kenny is working today on a song called 'circles'...which i feel is probably the most haunting and beautiful things we have done...or may ever do...
so i should be quiet with the typing and riff raff and just listen....
it'll be you soon.
i hope or ms reader have an amazing week, wherever you are.


Sunday, January 31, 2010

it is currently -10 degrees, so i hope where you are, it is warm...warmer than this! but, its beautiful...good record making weather!
let me introduce you to the cast of this record...
at the helm we have Mr Scott Horscroft - producer / excellent pub speecher deliver-er / resident maniac
JP (Julio Pomento) - assistant / body shop icon / perfect hair
Anthonny - chef / lover / he fucking loves to party
Adam WWW - drunk / frozen river walker
Glenn - who knows how this guy works???
Kenny - serial weirdo / tall / loves sand
Me - a very thoughtful mandarin.

more will join us soon!

thing we've lost:
last night was the first time we left the studio for 6 days, espresso martinis have found a big place in our hearts. we lost scott....again..he somehow believes he caught a helicopter up to stockholm??..and lost the night..i think we lost a lot gambling weston lost his mind and thought it was a great idea at some point to walk over thin river ice in his underwear in the early hours...bravo finally did it! haha...glenn lost something...he always does...every single fucking day! hahah..kenny arrives in a few he has lost doin alright too so far.

things we have found:
we have found that this record is sounding stunning so far...we have found that disconnecting yourself from reality can only harbor a very unique creative environment...we have found a chocolate called Shweizernot....which is not shit...

we have been working really long and fun/intense days... we are exploring so much bright colours and rich darkness with this new material...we are about a third of the way through the tracking i guess, which will continue until the very last day of february here in gothenburg...we will then take it over to new york to mix with an absolute legend. in about two weeks we pop over to london for a show and are very excited about recording in london with a 16 piece orchestra...under the watchful eye of a beautiful composer, arranger named Audrey Riley who has worked on some of our favourite records of all time...

so this is where we are at...i guess we set up this blog to allow you along for the journey which is this record...we truly feel that this is a remarkable little record...can't wait to hand over this gift...
your feathery friend,
adam s.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

we are gothenbirds of....
we are currently working away on a new record, a new cityscape and a new dimension of bot. it is very cold and snow coloured outside. tomorrow we commence the next phase of the in gothenburg, the last two months we have seen the songs take shape, many lost nights in hazy swirls of conversation, festivals, our co-conspirator mr horscroft getting thrown in jail, and alot of time spent in the upper atmostphere and in bars...

this is a really special project for us, so please swing by and peer into our world for a little as we embark on a very colourful and cinematic journey...
we certainly hope you are ready to sing like never before... we sure are.
lots of ice skating love,

camp gothenbirds.

phase one: bjb studios, sydney